Bite by Bite: Finding Food Freedom -- Kale Chips Recipe

Bite by Bite: Finding Food Freedom -- Kale Chips Recipe

This picture makes a momma heart proud. It’s a picture of progress. It’s a picture of healing. It’s a picture of food freedom. 

Although you may just see a toddler’s plate for a mid-afternoon snack, what I see is tiny taste buds that have shifted sloooowly with tons of love and guidance. Not just talking about my son’s taste buds but mine. Yes he went through the typical toddler picky phase but his started to go deeper than that. I couldn’t see it at first because I was blinding by the ease of serving him what I knew he’d eat. I saw it after I slammed the fridge door frustrated that I had served him the same meal 2x that day not counting how many times that week. I saw it as I watched the meltdown at the table when daddy offered a bite of carrot. I saw it when I looked in the mirror.

You see this plate is really a mirror. He eats what I eat, that is, what I eat now. Food and I go way back.

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