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Corporate Exercise, World Education Congress

Corporate Exercise, World Education Congress


Ashley, Julie, and Christina from the Living Wellness team speak at health and wellness conferences around the country. . . 

What do they talk about?

The Living Wellness messages are constantly developing, but in general, the talks center on educating and empowering individuals and groups to honor the body with dynamic nutrition, functional fitness, the connectedness of our physical and spiritual health, and living life in a fast-paced world with exceptional health. Ashley, Julie, and Christina will polish new or existing material in partnership with each event planner.

Cooking Class at Byerlys

Cooking Class at Byerlys

Always having a good time, yet still professional!

Always having a good time, yet still professional!

Wellness presentation at Health Source

Wellness presentation at Health Source


What dates can I book?

The team will consider events scheduled Monday-Saturday and Sunday evenings. But as the worship leader to a young church, Ashley needs to be home on Sunday mornings. So as long as she’s available (check the calendar) and her portion concludes on a Saturday so she can fly home that night, she’s your health expert! Thank you to all the event planners and ministry leaders who make this priority possible for her.

Living Well on Every Budget , Julie Frandsen

Living Well on Every Budget, Julie Frandsen


Additional Companies


*Solid Rock Bible College

*Love of Christ Women's Ministry

*Business Networking International

*STMA United Soccer Club

*U14 Soccer Team

*MN Kings NPSL Team

*St. Michael Coaches Association

*STMA Rotary

*STMA Hockey Association

*Mom's Club

*Girl Scouts of America

Where have Ashley & Julie presented?

*CentraCare Health

*World Education Congress

*HDGolf, inFIT

*Riverwood National Golf Course

*IMEX America Smart Monday

*Thrive Conference

*Single Mom's Retreat

*Sisterhood Leadership Retreat

*General Mills

*PCI Roads Construction

*Veolia Water North America

*Greater River Energy

*Freedom Works

Awaken Conference

Awaken Conference

Single Mom's Retreat, 2017

Single Mom's Retreat, 2017

What types of events does Ashley, Julie, and Christina usually speak at?

These professional ladies teach on corporate wellness, nutrition, family health, spiritual health, and personal fitness. Venues include keynote presentations, motivational speakings, bag lunch seminars, breakout sessions, Yoga and fitness classes, wellness retreats, and venues as small as 20 people or as large as 3-day conferences. Topics may include:

Additional Speaking Topics

*7 Snacks to Sneak to Work

*Disease Prevention: Deadly Fats and Living Fats

*What to Eat When You Work Out

*Work-Life-Health Balance for Corporate America

*3-Minutes Per Day to a Sculpted You

*5 Power Foods for Better Brain Health

*Weight Loss for Life

*Sick, Overweight, and Tired

Recent Speaking Topics

*Mindful Movement

*Mindful Eating

*Serving: Blessing or Burnout?

*Eating Well on Every Budget

*Extreme Pantry Makeover

*Motivational Health

*Fast, Functional Fitness at Work!

*Are You Addicted to Sugar?

*Fermentation for Great Gut Health


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