Health Fire! Warning Signs that Keep Me up at Night

Health Fire! Warning Signs that Keep Me up at Night

The baby was finally sleeping, after a 2 ½ hour battle. My weekend was spent at an amazing Writer’s Conference in St. Paul, MN, where there were meetings and speakers and networking, yummy panel lunches, advice given and taken, and more meetings. The event was fabulous and full, and I was spent.

I was all ready for bed when my husband came in to say goodnight before he went and watched some tv. We heard something that sounded like a chirp, but neither one of us acknowledged it because we feared we’ve heard that sound before. Maybe we were both thinking that we had imagined it or that if we didn’t acknowledge it, it would disappear. 

There was no denying the second chirp, I think it was louder. Yes, it was definitely louder than the first. We looked at each other with a look that said “I wish I hadn’t heard that.” It was 11:13pm and we were both dog-tired. Optimistically, my hubby asked, “how often do those things go off. . . every couple of hours?” He had just gotten that out of his mouth when it chirped again. It was definitely the fire alarm, letting us know that the batteries needed changing. Now.

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