For Life and Wellness Coaches

Health & Wellness Coaches

Living Wellness Certification for Life & Wellness Coaches

Life and wellness coaches have a captive clientele, interested in improving their overall health. Acquiring the Living Wellness Certification will help round-out the life and wellness coaches tool box. 

The Living Wellness Certification offers world-class training for life & wellness coaches. You will walk out of the the Living Wellness Facilitator Training with:

  • Understanding of and ability to communicate how the body connects with the mind and spirit
  • Cutting edge nutrition education
  • 18 fitness exercises mastered and ready to teach
  • Practical business and marketing tools to begin leading your own group
  • Living Wellness Facilitator Kit
  • Living Wellness History and your USP (your unique selling point)
  • How to effectively facilitate a small group
  • Opportunity to start 1×1 health coaching or facilitating your own Living Wellness Growth Groups
  • Much, much more!

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