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What is a Living Wellness Growth Group? 

Living Wellness Growth Groups are gatherings of individuals or small groups, led by a certified facilitator, that study and work through our 8-week course focused on nutrition, fitness, and faith. A Growth Group is a safe space where participants can come to discuss the health of their whole body, mind, and spirit.

Meetings are 90 minutes long and address a variety of topics throughout the course, including but not limited to the following:

  • Practicing mindful eating

  • Mind, body, and spiritual health

  • Learning how to eat in order to nourish our bodies

  • A group grocery-store tour

  • A fermented-foods demo. Learn how to make your own kombucha!

  • Practicing accountability with ourselves and with one another

  • Exercising and stretching

  • Goal setting with SMART goals

  • Watching creative, hilarious video segments for motivation throughout the week

  • Laugh together, grow together, and...

  • Read and discuss the award-winning Living Wellness for Growth Groups book!


Find a Growth Group

Below is a list of Living Wellness Growth Groups. Space is limited to 12 people per group, so grab a friend and register today! Don't see one in your area yet? Inquire about getting certified, and bring Living Wellness Growth Groups to your community!


Current & Recent Growth Groups

Donna's Growth Group.png

Donna Finnell

Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach

Monticello, MN

Tuesdays, Jan. 8th - Feb. 25th 6:30-8:00pm


Mondays, Jan. 7th - Feb. 24th 12:30-2:00pm

Christina Zaczkowski

In Person: January 15th – March 5th
Christ Church
Otsego, MN


ONLINE via ZOOM meeting

Sunday afternoons, 4-5:30pm from January 27th – March 24th

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Angela Martin-Terry

Mary Kay International


Private Group

Marcy Bodin

January 7th - February 24th

Buffalo, MN

Facilitator Website Pic (2).png

Terri Fenn & Tracy Huston

Sundays, January 6th - February 24th

Lynnwod, WA

Private Group

Jenna Slack. Facilitator Website Pic.png

Jenna Slack

January 9th - March 27th

Monticello, MN

Private Group

Georgia Dahler Facilitator.png

Georgia Dahler

Once per month starting

August - March

Private Group

Facilitator Website Pic (1).png

This could be YOU! Join our Facilitator Training HERE


Check back for more listings soon!


Interested in joining a Growth Group but don't see one available when or where works best for you?

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