Meet Living Wellness Facilitator
Marcy Bodin

Marcy Bodin, MN

Marcy Bodin is a wife, mom (2 sons, 2 cats and 1 dog) and part time office manager who has a huge passion for health & wellness.

Marcy has personally struggled with depression, anxiety, hypothyroidism, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and being overweight. She has fought and won the health battle with proper nutrition, fitness, and her faith. On her health journey Marcy has found that God has given her the tools she needs to achieve her health goals.

“My family and I have learned to eat clean, limit sugar, and get our exercise. It’s a process, especially with children, and we (mostly) enjoy working on it every day.

I am looking forward to helping others make positive changes towards their health & wellness goals. Let’s learn together on this journey.”

-Marcy Bodin,