Living Wellness for Church Small Groups

Imagine your congregation living more abundantly!

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Are you a small group leader or do you have a passion to become one?

Church small groups are an excellent environment for individuals working through the Living Wellness for Growth Groups study. God desires abundant life for us, here and now (John 10:10). To achieve abundance, we need scriptural truth, practical tools, and an encouraging community—your small group can be the place that fosters this!


Start a Growth Group with Your Small Group, or Life Group

Are you looking for a new study for your next small group? The Living Wellness Growth Group course is ideal for:

  • small groups
  • Discover groups
  • moms' groups
  • mens' groups
  • Bible studies
  • life groups
  • anywhere two or more are gathered to learn and grow

Anyone can lead a Living Wellness Growth Group, so long as they hold a Living Wellness Facilitator Certification and have a desire to encourage others in life-changing health and wellness decisions.  If you’re a church small group leader, you can easily start a Growth Group made up of your existing small group members or other individuals from your church or community.

Growth Groups provide a healthy and encouraging framework for individuals on their journey to abundant life through self-discovery as they learn about the connectedness of one's whole body, mind, and spirit. We desire our Living Wellness Growth Group participants to daily invite God into this process, and we’ve seen countless individuals grow closer with the Lord as they pursue better health!

Why start a Growth Group at your church?

While there are a variety of resources for church small groups that address the health of the mind and spirit, humans also have physical bodies. We believe the body is an integral part of our journey to grow closer to God, and we wanted to combine our education into a holistic approach that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. We think that church small groups are natural conduits for this type of all-encompassing growth.

The Living Wellness for Growth Groups program is grounded by current and common-sense nutrition and fitness, as well as mental and emotional health education from health and wellness industry experts. 

  • Health and energy to fulfil your calling

  • Identifying motivations (root why) behind choices

  • Empower congregation to make decisions for living a healthier life

  • Deepen your relationship with God

  • Build stronger and healthier relationships within the church

  • Have a program for outreach

How can I get started?

The Living Wellness Certification gives you the tools you need to lead a Growth Group at your church and become a world-class facilitator. Join the team today by registering for one of our facilitator trainings, or learn more information about the program by attending one of our complimentary Nourish Events. If you’re not able to or interested in attending a training session, you can also pilot a Growth Group with one of our trained facilitators.

We’ve seen God do amazing things through Living Wellness Growth Groups.