Christina Zaczkwoski

Christina discovered her passion for seeking out the meaning of “an abundant life” in the area of health and wellness when she immigrated to the US in 2010, and found herself without health insurance for the first time in her life. Meeting her sister-from-another-mother, Ashley Darkenwald, helped her realize that her “healthy” European habits still left a lot to be desired in the health department! Building on the foundation of a Master’s Degree in teaching and theology from her studies in her native country Germany, she dove into continuing her education by becoming a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. While dreaming of being an actress as a kid, she discovered that the role she enjoys embodying the most, is herself! 

Christina is the co-producer and co-host of Living Wellness Live and the Living Wellness Show.

Christina is married to her best friend James and they have a little son named Eden.