About Arianne & Peter

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Meet Arianne & Peter

I'm Arianne. I am a first and foremost a child of God. I’m a 24 year YOUNG woman (see what I did there?) currently residing in MN. I’m also a food junkie (not the good kind) gone food enthusiast and am engaged to marry the man of my dreams, Peter! I consider myself incredibly blessed to live this beautiful life! If you haven’t picked up on this fun fact about me quite yet, let me just spoil the beans and tell you… I’m overjoyed to be alive and am probably one of the more enthusiastic people that you’ll encounter! Enough about me though let’s talk about Peter Yovetich, the 29 year YOUNG man residing in MN who is equally as excited to be featured on the Living Wellness website!

We have an interesting way of life for two kids who grew up in the Midwest, though it definitely hasn’t always been like this. Peter and I now practice the art of eating roughly 80% living foods.

You might be thinking, what do you mean by living food? To us, living food is any food that came directly from the farm, from its root, to our kitchen/place of preparation! This means that just a mere 20% of the foods we eat are processed. To us, processed means anything that has been altered from its natural state that’s made to last longer than a few days… including ingredients like almond milk!

Within the 80% of living foods that we eat, you will find countless vegetables and sustainably sourced proteins. We’ve become very specific in where we like to get our high-quality animal products from and for the most part are grain free and dairy free consumers.

We are so excited to walk alongside your food journey with you! Check out our featured Avoguaco recipe on the Living Wellness Blog here!

If you have any questions about food or recipes please email us at simplyyelevated@gmail.com and if you’d like to find out more about us, we are on Facebook and Instagram (IG). Peter Yovetich is peter.elevated on IG and I am simplyyarianne on IG.